Bellen 4 Industry


Kilo Lab:

  • Custom synthesis
  • Process development and optimization
  • 15x100L + 10x50L jacket reactors
  • Pressure up to 100 bar
  • Temperature range from -78°C to +200°C

ISO 9001 certified pilot plant with appropriate GMP standards applied:

  • Approved by independant Third-Party European auditors
  • Highly capable management and technical team with experience from Top Pharma and CRO/CMO companies
  • 55 000L of reactors, SS and glass
  • Temperature range from -10°C to +120°C

Custom synthesis from grams
to hundred kilos

  • Short response time
  • No minimum order value
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Performance and communication
  • Professional report / Full documentation
  • High rate of success
  • Advanced analytical instruments
  • Technology driven thinking
  • Fee for service or FTE-based contracts

Process R&D

  • Innovative route design
  • Process optimization
  • New technologies implementation
  • Reaction and manufacturing safety measurement

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Team of analytical chemists dedicated to QC and method development.

Content (NMR, LC/MS), Purity (GC, HPLC,qNMR), Impurities, Preparative separation (prep LC), Residual solvents (GC HS-FID), Chiral analysis and separation, Elemental analysis, Metal content, Melting point…

TPP program

Bellen is able to find for you:

  • The right source
  • The right price
  • The best lead time
  • The best risk management system

The Best Return On Investment

Risk Management:

  • Analytical Control
  • Security stock
  • Change Control
  • Back-up supplier
  • +10 years of
    experience in Asia
  • Additional
  • Custom Packaging
    on demand
  • Batch Consistency
    Back-up / Make vs Buy