Bellen 4 Diag

Partner with Bellen to exceed customer's expectations in enhanced regulatory environment at competitive cost

Bellen 4 Diag offers a broad range of customizable raw materials and services specifically designed for IVD manufacturing.

Bellen has experience and capabilities to support in vitro diagnostics industry to meet new regulatory requirements, as well as scaling up manufacturing capacity, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing costs.

Manufacturing, Sourcing, R&D

  • State of the art manufacturing facilities
  • GMP-Like without extra-cost of GMP
  • Reasons to outsource
  • Contract Manufacturing services
  • Raw material competitively priced vs catalog grade material

Quality systems & regulatory

  • Quality services ISO 9001/13485 compliant
  • In house QC capabilities. Custom QC
  • Audit support
  • Enhanced change control notification
  • QA batch review and retained batch samples
  • Third party supplied raw material management

Supply Chain Excellence

Global distribution network.

Bulk and custom packaging.

Transparency of manufacturing site and/or supplier identification.

Order and inventory management.


Biological buffers, amino acids, antibiotics, dyes, chemical and biochemicals specialties…