Bellen 4 Animal Health

For Veterinary Drug Discovery, Bellen offers:

A qualified process development team in Shanghai

A dedicated production line segregated from the human drug production in Shandong

By mid of 2019, a new GMP facility which will also be able to support animal health medicine development

Do you need to renew your library with innovative compounds ?

Let us guide you through our Library design services:

  • Fragments
  • Building blocks
  • MedChem support
  • IP protection process

2x 7000 sqm labs in Beijing.
Senior Director: Dr Charles X. Chen, 15+ years of experience in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, co-inventor
of LopinavirR

Do you need reliable custom synthesis or your analogs?

Trust us for:

  • Support hit ID
  • Lead generation and lead optimization programs
  • Assistance patent filling
  • Innovative catalog compounds
  • IP protection process

CRO service: 2x 7000 sqm labs in Beijing
General Manager: Dr Nick Xing, co-founder of Bellen Chemistry

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art CDMO service?

Take the chance to work with Bellen’s Process R&D Center:

  • Approved by independant Third-Party auditors from Europe and US
  • Innovative route design
  • Process optimization
  • New technologies implementation
  • Reaction and manufacturing safety measurement

1200 + 3000 sqm labs in Shanghai.
General Manager: Dr Bo Han, 12+ years of experience in drug development and process development within Novartis.

Do you need quick deliveries meeting high quality standards and full compliance services?

Switch to Bellen’s kilo-lab:

  • Custom synthesis
  • Process development and optimization

15 x 100L and 10 x 50L jacket reactors, pressure up to 100 bars and temperature range from -78°C to 200°C.

Do you need a partner for your advanced intermediates, to enhance your in-house capacity ?

Make your life easier by collaborating with Bellen:

  • Non-GMP pilot plant using GMP-Like SOPs, approved by independent Third-Party auditors from Europe and US
  • Non-GMP manufacture of API intermediates
  • Highly capable management and technical team with experience from Top Pharma and CRO/CMO companies
  • ISO 9001 certified

Pilot plant in Shandong.
General Manager: Dr Qiang Ma, 10+ years of experience in API manufacturing with Novartis Pharma (China, UK, Ireland).