About Bellen Chemistry

A World Wide

Bellen, A World Wide CRO & CMO
Bellen Chemistry has been founded in 2007 by Dr Bob Liu, CEO.
Bellen is CRO & CMO company dedicated to heterocyclic chemistry, from grams to tons, to accompany customers’ projects at any stages of their R&D workflow, and for their first steps of manufacturing.
  • Bellen Chemistry's launch

    founded with 8 employees

  • 30 scientists

    2000 m² of general labs

  • Become a CRO Company

    100 scientists

    Revenue : 5M$

  • 160 scientists

    Move to a new lab :
    7000 m² of general and kilo-lab

    Revenue : 19M$

  • Double capacity of kilo-lab

    Pilot plant under construction

    Revenue : 35M$

  • Pilot plant in Shandong

    Become CRO & CMO Company

    Revenue : 42M$

  • Process R&D Center

    Opening of our new Process R&D Center in Shanghai.
    Preparation of a cGMP pilot plant in Shandong.



Bellen grew up with Pharmaceutical Industries, using any audit as an opportunity to improve EHS, IP protection and to fit better with customers’ needs and expectations. As a result, Bellen has been awarded by several pharmaceutical companies.

230 employees are currently working for Bellen Group, sharing our values:

  • Customer centricity
  • Trust and honesty
  • Respect and Teamwork
  • Horizontal management
  • Timely rewards and recognition
  • Work life balance


Bellen Chemistry is a Global Company, with offices located in Europe, North America and Asia, to make communication easy with our customers everywhere in the world.

Bellen understands the business of MedChem and Process Development very well, as our Head of MedChem and Head of Process have all worked for Big Pharma, like Novartis, Amgen and Abbott, during more than 15 years. We offer a professional proposal, including weekly reports and final CER which can be used for the clients’ documentation.

Our strength is to provide heterocyclic compounds especially for the process department. Customers awarded many projects owing to our innovation, fast delivery and good quality.

- Catalog Compounds

10 000 distinct compounds, 65% in stock delivered with CoA (NMR, HPLC) and MSDS.
Dynamic range of fragments and analogs, with new items added every quarter. To be informed of any addition to our catalog, subscribe to our newsletter in populating the form in footer of this page
We are highly specialized in isoquinolines, indazoles, boronic acids. We can also provide spiro compounds thanks to our photo-flow chemistry equipment and the intermediates we have in stock (see bioisosteres newsletter).

- Route Scouting

Evaluation and selection of the most relevant route according to your goal.
Patent-free approach, optimized synthesis route: time, number and amount of by-products, environmental impact, yield, purification.

- Custom Synthesis

Ask us for any analogs of our catalog compounds or submit your own scaffold to get a library.
You can also ask Bellen’s collaboration on more complex synthesis, impurities and reference material.
We work under CDA, and provide a professional final report. Weekly report upon request.

- Process Research Manufacturing

For non-GMP batch of final compounds, GMP batch of advanced intermediates, or intermediates for the GMP production (from Phase I), Bellen develops technology-friendly process for scale-up, without any EHS concern.
Bellen has the ability to finalize the analytical methods for the release of each step, impurities control and to keep the consistency for future demands.
We work on the synthesis scheme from the beginning to guarantee no GTI concern.
Compared to bigger CRO/CMO, we are more flexible, and more dedicated to meet with customers’ requirements: partial delivery, speed-up programs…

Our team

  • Dr Bob Liu

    Dr Bob Liu

    Bellen Co. Ltd.

    PhD in Organic Chemistry,
    University of Tsinghua, Beijing, China

  • Cécile Simonin

    Cécile Simonin

    Sales & Marketing Director
    Bellen Europe SAS

    15 years of experience in Lab Supply and Pharmaceutical market (CNRS, Bayer Cropscience, former Sales Manager at Sigma-Aldrich)

  • Dr Charles Chen

    Dr Charles Chen

    Senior Director

    20+ years of experience in MedChem at Abbott, Amgen. Co-inventor of Lopinavir/ Ritonavir

  • David Pichon

    David Pichon

    General Manager
    Bellen Europe SAS

    20+ years of experience in Lab Supply, Logistics and Industrial market.

Bellen, a fast growing CRO/CMO company to supply the platform for the new drug discovery and process development, cooperated with Pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies since April, 2007, we haven’t pursued our own program for new drug discovery but aimed to cooperate our global clients to speed up their new drug discovery for the innovative new medicines. Combined with our strong expertise for heterocycles and know-how technology, customer-focus culture, Bellen has gaineda lot of appraisal from clients for the innovation of synthesis capability, fast delivery, good quality and technology-wise process research. Indeed, towards the direction of ‘ Your premier source for heterocycles’, a group of experienced scientists are welcoming your next opportunity for the cooperation to commit our efforts to improve people’s lives through new drug discovery.

Bellen’s flexible business model including Bellen Catalog (and requested catalog), custom-synthesis, process development and production departments are pursuing to supply the first-in-class art for the organic synthesis especially for heterocycles. FTE and flexible FTE models are accepted here to meet the different requests from the new drug discovery programs. Focused on heterocycles, Pursued Synthetic art, we are dreaming for the win-win cooperation.

Bob Liu Ph.D, CEO Bellen Co. Ltd.