Bellen, a premium brand at the cutting edge of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Bellen is a manufacturer, highly focused on heterocyclic chemistry, with a specific expertise in isoquinolines and indazoles. Our range of products and services are dedicated to the Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical industries.

Bellen can supply either intermediates to build your screening libraries, or fragments and analogues.

Bellen can accompany your projects from early Research stages to Manufacturing and Supply Chain optimization.

Our value proposition


Independent ownership allows a short and agile decision-making cycle.


Use your time and resources to concentrate on doing things Bellen cannot do for you.
Our highly skilled team is dedicated to your success.


State-of-the-art heterocyclic chemistry, supported by a strong R&D team.

Our Offer - picture

Bellen works with the major Pharmaceutical Companies, meeting their high level of expectations (compliance, EHS, quality assurance).

Bellen is well-known and recognized for its know-how, quality of service and reliability.


– Custom Synthesis
Ask for analogs, intermediates, complex synthesis or small libraries.

– Route scouting
Evaluation and selection of the most relevant route according to your goals.

– Process Research Manufacturing
Bulk compounds, scale-up with the best route according to critical aspects.

Any of our services is available in FTE, flexible, for a project only or annual.


  • RICT 2018

    RICT 2018

    Meet us at booth #26 and discover our CRO services :
    Medchem support, library design, custom synthesis, and much more !

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  • Discover Bellen’s sites and history

    Discover Bellen’s sites and history

    For our 10th anniversary, in 2017, we decided to give you an overview of Bellen's history.
    Watch this 5 minutes movie to discover more about Bellen's sites, people, offer and strategy.

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  • Available from gram to kilogram

    Available from gram to kilogram

    Looking for fast delivery of Isoquinolines ?

    Check our inventory and ask for a quote :
    80% of our catalog compounds already have a scaled-up route.

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  • Partnership with ABCR

    Partnership with ABCR

    You can now buy Bellen’s catalogue compounds to our partner abcr.
    Have a look to their website and discover “Gute Chemie”.

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  • BIOISOSTERES compounds!

    BIOISOSTERES compounds!

    Phenyl Isostere : Facilitate your SAR studies by switching one of your phenyl group

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